To ταξίδι

The journey

Make from your trip to Villa FINIKI a vacation,
there is plenty to enjoy!

By boat / car
If you stay longer than 3 weeks, it may be cheaper to come by car. Or maybe you just like it better to drive yourself. Of course you can drive the whole piece, but probably it is more sensible to drive from the Netherlands to Ancona in Italy and from there to cross the ferry to Patras in Greece (boat trip 23 hours).

From the Netherlands to Ancona (via Switzerland) it is a journey of 1,400 kilometers, an overnight stay on the road is recommended. From Patras it is about 3.5 hours drive (225 km) with the Car to Villa FINIKI. In total you are on the road for at least 2 days, it is better to start from 3 days.

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  • It’s also nice to stay a night in Rio . At the weekend the Rio-Antirro bridge is nicely lit, and Rio is a surprisingly cozy place.
  • Are you planning to visit Olympia , then you can visit the outward or return journey there overnight. That saves a day trip from Finiki.
  • It is also possible to get off at Igoumenitsa and stop to visit in Parga, Nafpaktos or Delphi.
  • From Igoumenitsa it is also nice to drive to the region of Zagoria with its fairytale villages with the famous stone arch bridges and the Vikos gorge.
  • From Igoumenitsa it is possible to drive to Meteora to visit the monasteries on the rocks, breathtaking!.
  • Or take a trip to the islands: Lefkas (Lefkada), Kefalonia, Zakynthos

καλό ταξίδι